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No Game


[...] beautiful, with a cheerfulness delicate and weightless, a kind of desperate tenderness, hidden wings of fallen angels, and a desire to play and get lost without accepting any of the appearances of the world [...]

Pietro Citati, L'armonia del mondo


No Game aims to face the complexity of having an addiction to alcohol, video games, and human beings. Nowadays, the ways the new Smart generations are amusing themselves can represent a huge danger, a “game over.” We are far from the Bohemian Age full of French artists: when we drink that extra glass, we transform a dream into a nightmare. 

The realistic gesture, either theatrical or danced, leans to some memorial places as the ones we live in real life: from the disorder of our sensorial perceptions to the inner solitudes. The body is a misshapen expression of a vision. As Omero quoted: «the crazy wine that makes sing and laugh even the wisest man forces him to dance and makes him take out, the perfect word which is better not to say.»

  • By and with: Francesco Colaleo, Maxime Freixas, Francesca Linnea Ugolini

  • Concept: Francesco Colaleo

  • Dramaturgical Assistance: Roberta Nicolai

  • Music: Mauro Casappa 

  • Music editing : Maxime Freixas

  • Co-produced by Compagnia Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei, Parma (Italy)

  • With the support of Twain Residenza di Spettacolo dal Vivo art.45 directed by Loredana Parella, Roma (Italy)

  • In collaboration with  -ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo (Italy)                                                        - Rete Anticorpi Explo, Ravenna (Italy)


26th September 2020 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Unfold TM - Contemporary Dance Week (RO)  - canceled and postponed -

1st April 2019 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Théâtre Astée, Lione (FR)

16th February 2019 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Lavanderia a Vapore, Torino (IT)

23rd June 2018 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Festival Performare, Catania (IT)

14th April 2018 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Teatro Cesare Volta, Pavia (IT)

1st March 2018 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Teatro Sant'Andrea, Pisa (IT)

22nd October 2017 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Le Hangar, Lione (FR)

18th September 2017 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Teatro Menotti, Milano (IT)

3rd September 2017 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Festival {te}che, Finale Ligure  (IT)

28th and 29th July 2017 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Festival Ticino In Danza, Chiasso (CH)

2nd April 2017 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Teatro Garibaldi, Enna (IT)

27th March 2017 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Teatro Sala Fontana, Milano (IT)

23rd March 2017 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Auditorium Melotti, Rovereto (IT)

17th March 2017 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Salla Pasolini, Salerno (IT)

24th October 2016 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Théâtre Nuovo, Naples (IT)

25th September 2016 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Teatro Di Vetro carrozzerie N.o.t, Roma (IT)

21st September 2016 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Spazio Matta, Pescara (IT)

16th September 2016 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Vetrina della Giovane Danza d'Autore XL, Anticorpi XL, Ravenna (IT)

28th July 2016 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Lago Film Fest, Lago (IT)

16th June 2016 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Public sharing at La Salle May B of Micadanses, Paris (FR)

From the 4th to the 15th of June 2016 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Artistic Residency at Micadanses, Paris (FR)

16th April 2016 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Festival "InSincronia" , Piacenza (IT)

From the 11th to the 16th January 2016 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Artistic Residency at Twain - Residenza di Spettacolo dal vivo, Ladispoli (IT)

From the 4th to the 8th of  December 2015 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Artistic Residency at Twain - Residenza di Spettacolo dal vivo, Ladispoli (IT)

16th September 2015 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Teatro Spazio Electa, Teramo (IT)

From the 7th to the 15th of September 2015 --> Ça s'arrose_No Game >>> Artistic Residency at Teatro Spazio Electa, Teramo (IT)