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Choreographers: Francesco Colaleo and Maxime Freixas

Jeune Ballet Désoblique / with: Thaïs Desveronnières, Tiphanie Gallo Marchiando, Manon Jalade, Julie Knittl, Stella Mongheal



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Jeu de Dames

Your attention, please.

You're about to witness a three-dimensional game that has been going on for a long time.

Five dancers will embody, for you, different characters. A checkers game where everything will be revealed to you. You will see them as strong, as weak, acting or suffering, but they will never give up and will constantly struggle to win the game. These women will, no doubt, only go through one level of this game, but you will witness the tactics and its evolution. And perhaps you will be able to feel part of the game and thus avoid having a guilty conscience.

"Jeu de Dames wishes to raise public awareness about the status of women. We approach the subject with lightness and irony, thus offering a double reading of the play. Where some will see only humor and entertainment, others may see comments related to injustices done to women.

A subject that seems to be less present today, but don't forget these words: "big sows, bitches, good-for-nothing and disgusting animals", said in 2017 by the President of the United States of America, despite the establishment in 2014 of the law for real equality between women and men. Women have demonstrated and are still demonstrating today that they are equal to men, when will we stop these injustices? 


17th September 2018 --> Jeu de Dames >>> Le râteau, la pelle et le seau by Cie MF | Maxime & Francesco, le Bac à Sables, Lyon (FR)

17th May 2018 --> Jeu de Dames >>> Les Arthémiades, Théatre Astrée, Lyon (FR)

28th April 2018 --> Jeu de Dames >>> Soirée des Dégustations Chorégraphiques, Salle Paul Garcin, Lyon (FR)

28th March 2018 --> Jeu de Dames >>> Festival IMpulsion, le Croiseur, Lyon (FR)

9th March 2018 --> Jeu de Dames >>> Showcase, Teatro San Lorenzo Giaveno, Torino (IT)

1st March 2018 --> Jeu de Dames >>> Le croiseur, Lyon (FR)