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"Odysseus spent the days sitting on the rocks by the sea; there, his eyes wandering over the waves, his soul in deepest sorrow, he would give his life to see for one moment the smoke rising from his beloved island..." 

Homer's Odyssey


In space, every step is a journey, a pilgrimage, a becoming something else. A desire that here be better than there. In the wake of the future, a set of shadows and lights, you will see yourself at your side, like a faithful companion. You will recognise yourself in the faces of all, for they will be you when they cry with joy. Soon you will return, your wait is nothing. When you find yourself near, the miles you have travelled between land and sea will be the answer to your shivers in your heart. A game of checkers, where emigrating is a symbol of renunciation: behind us we leave fragments of memory, broken like pieces of a cursed mirror. The suitcase is a gypsy caravan where several rooms have been left empty to leave space for the hope that someone will open the door and also the arms. We could imagine that the audience, in the act of entering the theatre, becomes an immigrant. Some experts call it "the Ulysses syndrome", others "the immigrants' disease". It is the syndrome of the XXI century that refers to the chronic and multiple stress suffered by the character Homer in his journey to unknown lands. Far from his Ithaca, a cult of adversity and danger, Ulysses is a great nostalgic. This is a contemporary Odyssey, a non-stop flow of life, which is too often caused by racism and fear. We must fear those who have the courage to leave to stay, but the only threat is not to accept that no land is ours.


  • Choreography : Francesco Colaleo

  • Performance : Maxime Freixas

  • Musical composition : Francesco Colaleo

  • Production : Cie MF | Maxime & Francesco

  • Commissioned by Teatro Comunale De Micheli, Copparo (IT)

  • Co-production : Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei, Parma (IT)

  • Collaboration : Cantieri Culturali Creativi, Rovigo (IT)


12th April 2019 --> Adieu >>> Festival 1, 2, 3 Soli, Lyon 9 (FR)

8th November 2017 --> Adieu >>> Festival INTERFERENZE XII edition Cineteatro de la ville, Teramo (IT)

29th October 2017 --> Adieu >>> Festival pillole, Milan (IT)

27th October 2017 --> Adieu >>> Spazio Electa, Teramo (IT)

30th October 2016 --> Adieu >>> SOLOCOREOGRAFICO 2016 Solo Dance Showcase, Turin (IT)

11th and 12th June 2016 --> Adieu >>> Solo Dance Contest, Gdansk (PL)


31st October 2015 --> Adieu >>> Teatro Comunale de Micheli, Copparo (IT)

From the 26th to the 30th of October 2015 --> Adieu >>> Artistic Residency at Theatre Comunale de Micheli, Copparo (IT)

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