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Farde-Moi from the french “farder", means trick me/do my make up. This physical theatre piece for five interpreters wants to explore the theme of identity in today’s society. How do we face diversity in a world which is more and more scared by it? Soft and delicate landscapes, both visual and emotional, build a chimerical movement dialogue, yet carnal and highly physical. Playing with the dainty and the minimal, the interpreters reveal something of themselves, perhaps a mask, a deceptive image. Farde-moi uses the language of contemporary dance to deal with two themes traditionally inhabited by theatre: humor and (il sentimento del contrario). This journey, which originates from the body and moves through it, questions how much the audience can engage with the stories of the performers. How can the personalities of these five characters charm them, touch them, or make them laugh?


Francesco Colaleo


Farde - Moi tells us about a journey of self-discovery. It is a story of personal growth and acceptance of one's own identity and uniqueness. A big white cloud moves placidly in the space until a disruptive wind, coming perhaps from within this calm entity, scatters its unity into a bunch of replicas. Each one suddenly exposed without the protection of conforming. One can try to be the version of themselves that would best fit in the world. One can attempt and do what is supposed to be done. However, this is a dead-end. On the road towards the acceptance of who we are, overcoming obstacles with effort and lightness, embracing melancholy and serenity, always moving, to the beat of the music and

to the rhythm of words, we can be together without losing ourselves.


Lorenza Candela — Writer


  • Choreography : Francesco Colaleo and Maxime Freixas

  • Performance : Francesco Colaleo, Maxime Freixas, Priska Gloanec, Emilia Saavedra-Paeile, Francesca Linnea Ugolini

  • Musical composition : Vincenzo Pedata

  • Light design : Antonio Rinaldi

  • Costumes : Maria Barbara De Marco, Vittoria Papaleo

  • Production : Cie MF | Maxime & Francesco

  • Co-produced : Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei, Parme (IT)Festival Oriente Occidente, Rovereto (IT)

  • Collaboration : AMAT Marche (IT)ACS Abruzzo (IT)ArteVen (IT)

  • With the support of MiBACT and SIAE, in the framework of the “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura” initiative.


  • The project has been realized with the contribution of ResiDance XL - Luoghi e progetti di residenza per creazioni coreografiche, an initiative of the Rete Anticorpi XL - Network Giovane Danza D'autore coordinated by L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino (It)


11th December 2022 --> Farde-Moi >>> Gdansk Dance Festival, Gdansk (PL)

20th October 2020 --> Farde-Moi >>> DAB Festival, Theatre Kismet, Bari (IT)

13th June 2020 --> Farde-Moi >>> Gdansk Dance Festival, Gdansk (PL) -canceled-

27th April 2020 --> Farde-Moi >>> DAB Festival -Theatre Kismet, Bari (IT) -canceled and postponed-

4th April 2020 --> Farde-Moi >>> Spazio Fattoria, Milano (IT) -canceled-

21st March 2020 --> Farde-Moi >>> Theatre Nuovo, Naples (IT) -canceled-

4th October 2019 --> Farde-Moi >>> Paralelo Festival, Ponta Delgada (PT)

From the 27th May to the 1st of June 2019 --> Farde-Moi >>> Artistic Residency, C.L.A.P.S., Brescia (IT)

8th March 2019 --> Farde-Moi >>> Le Croiseur, Lyon 7 (FR)

9th November 2018 --> Farde-Moi >>> Theatre al lido, Ostia (IT) 

21st July 2018 --> Farde-Moi >>> Municipal theatre, Teramo (IT)

14th July 2018 --> Farde-Moi >>> Festival Civitanova Danza, Civitanova Alta (IT)

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