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Triptych on gravity



"Desolation is a state of distress and affliction. It is the act and result of desolation or decay. It also refers to the destruction or razing of a place so that nothing is left standing.

We wondered about the definition of the word 'desolation' and its various meanings and reflexive applications as adjectives or as a state of space and body. We decided to use a large mattress, referring to the surrealist and dreamlike world of René Magritte, so that we could play with its material, its shape and its use in different contexts, bringing the dancers into a convergent and divergent relationship in the stage space. An inanimate object brought to life through the power of the imagination. "Advienne que pourra" is a place, but also a present time with its apocalyptic speed, its contradictions and its necessary risk-taking. The bodies are relaxed, desolate and malleable. They are both conductors and inducers of the danced movement.

  • Choreography : Francesco Colaleo et Maxime Freixas 

  • Interpretation : en cours 

  • Duration : 50 minutes

  • Costumes : Gabrielle Marty

  • Musical composition : Jérémie Esperet

  • Producteur : Cie MF | Maxime & Francesco

  • Coproducteurs : INSA Lyon, CCN du Rhin, Festival Bizz'art Dieulefit ...

  • Support : Pôle Pik, Bron ...

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